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Working for Campus Gifts and Temptation Gifts

Want to be part of a great team? Want to join the best gift chain in the UK?

Award Winners

CampusGifts is part of Temptation Gifts Ltd., a 30-year established family business with stores throughout the home counties, a warehouse team, and two great web business at and In the last few years we have won awards including "UK Online Gift Retailer of the Year" and the prestigious national "UK Gift Retailer of the Year", and this year, for the third year running, we were once again awarded the title of "UK Online Gift Retailer of the Year".

Company Philosophy

Everyone who comes to work for us is told on day one that our philosophy is shopping should be fun. And of course, working for us should be fun too, but it's the commitment of everyone - from CampusGifts online marketeers to warehouse assistants to Temptation store managers - which will make the experience special for our customers. So all our employees are expected to be enthusiastic team members who work to achieve excellent standards of at all times.

Working in our stores

If you would like to find out more about a retail position in one of our "Temptation" high street stores, you can find out more here.

Working for CampusGifts

CampusGifts has both an online marketing and technical team, and a distribution team. Find out more about jobs in these departments on our ecommerce jobs and distribution centre jobs pages.


You earn paid holiday from the very first day of your employment and your annual entitlement will be 5.6 weeks (28 days) for a full time member of staff. However being in the gift industry there are a few times of year when it's just not possible to take holiday - mainly November and December as you might guess! There are also a couple of other 'pressure' times like the week before Mothers' Day. Your manager will take you through our Holiday Planner and advise you on when you can and can't book time off.

Staff Discount

You get 10% discount on most items from your first day and after you've completed your 2 month trial period with us your discount rate goes up to 30% - very useful at Christmas time! All staff discount purchases must be made in store based on in-store prices, and staff discount is of course not available on Sale items.


This is a business where caring about birthdays is pretty important - who would we sell gifts and cards to if it weren't for birthdays?! So let us know when yours is, and you'll get a card and even a special Temptation voucher to be redeemed any time on anything you like!


In addition to being thoroughly lovely people to work for, and in addition to being a company which really cares about its customers and its employees, and in addition to cracking staff discount and holidays and so on... we also offer rates of pay which are competitive right across the sector. See individual jobs pages for more information.

Growth and Career Development

Temptation Gifts is growing fast, and our best people will grow with us. Our Operations Manager is the most senior person in the company, but she first worked first in the warehouse, then the stores, before managing one store then another and now, well, everybody! The Deputy Head of E-Commerce first worked for Temptation as a Christmas Temp in the warehouse. Each of our current branch managers was a sales assistant before joining the management programme and each now has her own store. We are continuing to open new Temptation stores and the CampusGifts/TemptationGifts web department is doubling in size and turnover every two years. Cream rises, and we promote from within.

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