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Yankee Candle is a leading brand in the world of scented candles, offering a wide range of high-quality and beautifully fragranced candles, wax melts and reed diffusers that bring warmth and ambiance to any room. With lots of incredible fragrances to choose from, there is a Yankee Candle for every mood and occasion.

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The Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is a premium range of beautifully scented soy-blend candles presented in stylish glass vessels. Each candle is made with high concentration of fragrance oils and features a long-lasting burn time, ensuring that you can enjoy the fragrances for hours on end.

The Classic Collection

Yankee Candle's Classic Collection features now iconic fragrances for all seasons, including favourites such as "Clean Cotton," "Vanilla Cupcake," and "Lemon Lavender", available across a range of instantly recognisable jar candles, wax melt, votives and more.

Yankee Candle Collections

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Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle Company has been a leading designer and manufacturer of premium scented candles for over 50 years. With a decades-long history of candle-making, Yankee Candle has perfected the art of crafting candles that evoke memories and create inviting atmospheres.

Made with the finest ingredients from around the world, Yankee candles continue to have the highest possible percentage of fragrance oil, ensuring that their scents are indulgent and long-lasting. Their candles are scented all the way through, from the first light to the very end.

Yankee Candle still uses the best wicks, glassware, and highly-refined paraffin and soy-blend waxes that are specially blended for optimum burning time, creating a clean and safe candle burning experience. Their classic jar candles remain a customer favourite, but Yankee Candle has also expanded their product line to include a variety of other candle styles and home fragrance products.

With so many different fragrances and colours to choose from, Yankee Candle offers something for everyone. From the classic scents that have been fan favourites for decades to new and exciting seasonal scents, there is a scent for every season and occasion.

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