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Are you feeling lucky?

Spring into shopping with a 1-in-10 chance of getting your order absolutely for FREE!

For limited time only, starting from 19th April 
1 in every 10 orders will be refunded in full!

Yes, that’s right! If you place an order with us with UK delivery, on any day from 19 April 2017 you will be automatically entered into our weekly prize draw with a 1-in-10 chance to get a full refund for your whole order.

Yes! For limited time only, one in every 10 customers will get their whole order for FREE! Campus Gifts will REFUND IN FULL the cost of all items bought and REFUND IN FULL the cost of postage!

The lucky winners from each week will be announced every following Monday and contacted within 48 hours. 

Good luck everyone! Could it be your lucky day?

CampusGifts team

Here are some of our winners so far!

Diane C. from Hebden Bridge,
Linda C. from Derby,
Liz W. from Pontefract,
Sarah W. from Lincoln,
Greta P. from Enniskillen,
Natalie U. from Derby,
Melissa P. from Romford,
Daniel Z. from Witney,
Lynn B. from Macclesfield,
Karen A. from Bangor,
Susan L. from Beccles,
Sally. from Chesterfield,
Naeema A. from Manchester,
Emma L. from Newton-Le-Willows,
Lindsey F. from Stockport,
Traci H. from Burton-on-Trent,
suzanne E. from Eastbourne,
Julie P. from Chesterfield ,
Thomas A. from St. Neots,
Aimee R. from Ossett,
Roger P. from Berkeley,
Adele W. from Crawley,
Melissa R. from Sheffield,
Nicola S. from Buckie
Joanna C. from St. Albans,
Jess W. from Bedhampton,
Stephen W. from Nottingham, 
Michelle E. from Wadhurst,
Glenda P. from Tonbridge,
Dean C. from Huddersfield,
Becky C. from Belfast,
Holly L. from Exeter,
Cherie G. from Newport,
Kirsten M. from Stockton on Tees,
Katie D. from Tattingstone, Ipswich,
Imogen R. from Colchester,
Kerry N. from Shenley lodge,
Gemma G. from London,
Olivia W. from Huddersfield,
Mrs A C. from Wellingborough,
Monica B. from London,
Laura M. from Derby,

...and more!


Terms and conditions. Terms and conditions apply -

  • The CAMPUSGIFTS One-in-Ten Giveaway runs from Thursday 19 April until further notice.
  • All personal orders going to a UK destination, will be included in the offer.  Overseas, trade, or corporate orders will not be eligible to take part in the One-in-Ten Giveaway.
  • Orders will be randomly selected to be refunded in full, including postage charges. 
  • There will be a 1-in-10 (or 10%) chance of any eligible order being selected as a winner during the offer period.
  • The lucky winners from each week will be randomly selected every following Monday and notified by email within 48 hours. 
  • Refunds for winning orders will be actioned prior to winners being contacted. It may take up to 5 working days for refunds to be fully processed.
  • Employees of Campus Gifts and its parent company and their families are not eligible to take part in the One-in-Ten Giveaway.
  • Winning orders are covered by our standard Returns policy.  Participation in the One-in-Ten Giveaway does not affect your statutory rights
  • Total refunded amount cannot exceed the amount originally charged.
  • The names of winners may be used in promotional materials or marketing e.g. “Edward M. from Newbury”.  We may also request winners to allow their names and other information to be used in full, but this will only be done with written consent.
  • By taking part in the One-in-Ten Giveaway you are consenting to these terms and conditions.

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