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Supplier Enquiries

Campus Gifts deals with approximately 200 suppliers and we stock over 10,000 lines. We are committed to having the best new products all the time, and are proud of our record for setting trends across the industry. We estimate that approximately 70% of our lines will change in any given twelve month period, to avoid ever having the shops or sites look like they've got "the same old thing", and in order always to be the first with new lines and trends.

Our buying team, (led by MD Mike Adams), buys predominantly at trade shows or in individually convened meetings with our key suppliers and agents. Every year the buying team will visit gift fairs including Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham and Home & Gift Buyers Festival in Harrogate.

If you are a producer, wholesaler, or distributor and you believe your product line would make an impressive addition to our stable, you are welcome to get in touch. However we strongly believe that the best buying decisions we can make, on behalf of our customers, are made when we can view your product in the context of the thousands of other lines your competitors are producing. That's why we buy at trade shows.

So have some faith that if your range is good and your prices are competitiveness, we will notice you! If you do want to get in touch (perhaps you want to let us know in advance that you will be exhibiting somewhere) you can send samples or a catalogue to:

The Buyer
Temptation Gifts Ltd
Unit 2 Woodlands Farm
The Vale, Chesham

Alternatively you can contact us by email on [email protected].

Please note that given the pressures of time, not all enquiries will receive a reply. Please also note that you are understood to have relinquished ownership of any samples upon sending them, and that in most cases samples will not be returned.

Information for Existing Suppliers

We believe that all the relevant contact details are on the Reference Sheet with which you will have been provided. If you need any further information please email [email protected] making your company name, and the fact that you are an existing supplier, clear in the first line of the email. Thank you.

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