CampusGifts is now the grand old age of eight, and, like any human child, is growing at a considerable (alarming?) rate. And we figured that as an eight year kid old is fully capable of putting coherent sentences together, we should be too! Hence, this blog is born.

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of For those not in the know, Campus is an offshoot of our parent company, Temptation Gifts, who has been in the gift-giving business for almost 30 years. Like any self-respecting child, however, we at CampusGifts have got some big ideas and aim to continue expanding at a rate of knots.

Whether you’re a student or just young at heart (and yearning for those days of continual lie-ins), Campus is the ideal place for gifts, whatever the occasion.

*Yes, being awesome does count as an occasion, and yes, it is acceptable to buy gifts for yourself.

The purpose of this blog is really just to provide you with a bit more information, whether it’s regarding a brilliant new range, some fantastic offers, gift-related news from around the world, or even some goings-on from our own campus (well, office and warehouse) so you can get to know us a bit better. We like to go the extra mile, and even though we are solely an internet business, we still value your satisfaction and happiness above all else. We may not be able to see the smiles on your faces, but we like to imagine them!

A Mini Kimmidoll A Mini Kimmidoll

And speaking of smiles and faces, we’ve got one particularly fantastic offer we think you might like. Due to a change of licensing (and no doubt lots of complicated things) Kimmidolls will soon have a shiny new owner with some equally shiny new products. In the meantime, however, we at CampusGifts have wangled it so that we’re able to offer an amazing opportunity across the whole Kimmidoll range. Notebooks and journals are selling from just £3, and you can buy the dolls themselves at £3 as well. The great thing about them is that each doll has a different personality, meaning you can match them with your friends down to a T. In a few months’ time, Kimmidolls are guaranteed to become even more popular, so you’d be wise to get ahead of the trend today…

So that’s our top tip for the week – if we were all investment bankers here at Campus (and thankfully we’re not), we’d be buying shares in Kimmidolls. But even if they don’t quite tickle your fancy, there are thousands more gifts to choose from. Enjoy!