Among the day's trivial stories of protests, warring nations and radioactive leaks, a real, hard-hitting news story managed to surface. You probably already know what I'm talking about. I probably don't even have to say it. You're probably wondering whether I can stall for time and ramp up the tension even further. Well, I can. I'll even start a new paragraph.

Told you. Anyway, the story I'm talking about is a hard-hitting expose on everyone's lips: can baking make you happier? It's a question oft debated in lofty lecture halls, and is explored by the BBC in further detail here. In fact, it turns out that many aspects of baking can contribute to a person's happiness, and that it has even helped people battling depression and other illnesses.

Basically, baking is pretty cool. And the great thing about it is that, in the immortals words of Chef Gusteau: anyone can cook.


Cookie Cutters

By which he really meant: anyone can give cooking a go. Some people just aren't blessed with the gastronomic gene, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to bake. (As long as we're allowed to politely refuse their food.) If you'd like to impress someone with a bit of culinary wizardry, it's best to start with the basics. Cookies or brownies are an easy enough start, and you can score extra brownie points (aha!) with your better half by moulding them into loving heart shapes. And it's easily done: all you need is this 5 piece set of cookie cutters and hey presto, romance is a-cooking.

But wait - what was I thinking?! You can't start baking without an apron. That's just common sense. Choosing an apron is much like choosing a partner: you're not sure how long exactly it will last, but you hope it'll be for the long term. Our range of Edward Monkton aprons gives you a few different colour and design options. But make sure you pick carefully, whether choosing for yourself or for a friend. It's important to know your Cow of Wisdom from your Pig of Happiness...

Edward Monkton Aprons

If you decide that you're a bit more serious about baking, I'll no doubt see you on the next series of the Great British Bake Off. Until then you'll need to practise, meaning lots of cookies, cupcakes and castaways that will start piling up. Every good chef needs a good tin, and luckily (who'd have thunk it) we've got just the thing for you. This Happy Jackson biscuit tin is as joyful as they come, conveying all the excitement that a tin loaded with homemade goodies deserves. There are plenty of other Happy Jackson tins or Bright Side tins to choose from, so there's no excuse to leave your cookies out in the open.

Hopefully this little post has given you a few ideas, and maybe inspired you to get baking. If not then hey, at least I tried. And you're not allowed any of my cookies.

Happy Jackson Biscuit Tin