This Great British summer of ours has felt like a Travis song on never-ending loop. Why does it always rain on me? The dreary afternoons have occasionally been replaced by sporadic blasts of sunshine, but on days like today when the rain is holding you hostage indoors, boredom can begin to creep in.

Obviously we don’t get bored here at Campus because we’re always very hard at work (cough), but for those of you looking for something to fill your time (and I know that’s you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), we’ve got a couple of ideas that might tickle your fancy.

First off, any self-respecting person should know their way around a cocktail shaker. If this isn’t you, what are you thinking?! Tom Cruise was loving life when he made Cocktail, and now that things have gone downhill, you have to wonder whether it’s because he let his shaking skills decline. Whether you want to try out some fancy moves or not, a classic Manhattan style cocktail shaker like this one is a must for any household. Be like Florence and the Machine and shake it up. (I’ll get my coat.)

Tom Cruise in CocktailThis could be you.

If cocktails aren’t really your style, how about something gadgety? You can never have too many gadgets: that’s a 100% fact. One of our new favourites is this iPhone grip, handily converting your phone into a PlayStation-style controller so you can be at your best when playing your game choice. Would it be fair to say that when photographing the grip for the website we got a little distracted? That one of us smashed the lap record and did a little victory dance? I couldn’t possibly speculate on that.

iPhone Grip in actionAn iPhone Grip in action.

When the rain’s really hammering down and showing no signs of stopping (/when you’re feeling too lethargic to leave the house), how about trying to build this mechanical 4x4? It’s recommended for ages eight and above, so although it may be a struggle, we estimate it’s more than possible to complete it in less than 12 hours. And that’s including food breaks. Unlike a popular Scandinavian furniture brand, all the necessary pieces are definitely provided, so you’ll have to think up a more creative excuse if (when) anything goes wrong!