Great Birthday Giveaway!

In celebration of our 10th Birthday, ROLL UP ROLL UP for our 10 Day Great Birthday Giveaway!!!

So, what’s the Big Deal I hear you ask? Well ……….

For 10 days, from October 3rd to October 12th,
1 in every 10 Orders Will Be Refunded In Full!

Yes, that’s right! If you place an order with us with UK delivery, on any day between Friday 3rd and Sunday 12th October you will be automatically entered into the daily prize draw with a 1-in-10 chance to get a full refund for your whole order.

Yes! Every day for 10 days, one in every 10 customers will get their whole order for FREE! Campus Gifts will REFUND IN FULL the cost of all items bought and REFUND IN FULL the cost of postage!

The lucky winners from each day will be announced and contacted within 48 hours. Please make sure that your shipping details contain a telephone number so that we can get in touch with you during the day.

Good luck everyone! Could it be your lucky day?

CampusGifts team

And here are some of our lucky winners:

Friday 3rd October

Donna R. from Bristol said: "Oh how exciting! I've never won anything before. I was already chuffed because your prices were so good, but getting it for free is amazing news. Thank you so much xx"
Naomi C. from Somerset said: "Thought it was a hoax! A lovely surprise on a rainy Saturday morning, we are dog hunting and have won our dog bowl free…must be a sign!"
Other winners from Friday include: Mark B from Lancashire, Nicola P from Bristol, Sally-Ann F from Leeds...

Saturday 4th October

Gale D from Cheshire: "Oh that’s so cool, thank you so much! I'm overwhelmed, you are absolutely fabulous, I love to shop on your site, you're one of my top 3 favourite websites!"
Danielle C from Co Durham: "Oh wonderful, thank you so much! I use your site regularly as the prices are so competitive!"
Other winners from Saturday include: Nadine J from Newport, Donna M from Norfolk, Linda M from Milton Keynes...

Sunday 5th October

Karen L from Cambridge: "Thank you so much! I never win anything so I’m very pleased, thank you, I’ve ordered lots of things from the site this year and last year, I have two very girly girls and they love the disaster designs things!"
Anne W from Sheffield: "Oh great, thank you! I am delighted, this is my first order with Campus Gifts and I will be ordering again the in future"
Other winners include: Suzanna C from Kent, Stephen H from Preston, Catherine B from Birmingham, Alex S from Surrey...

Monday 6th October

James L from Hampshire: "Oh wow fantastic! The order was from my Wife and she always says the site is full of good stuff, thank you!"
Anne H from Scotland: "I don’t order very often on your website, but when I do everything is good quality and arrives on time, I am delighted to win, thank you very much! I never win anything so I am very pleased!"
Jackie G from Hampshire: "Thank you so much, that is great news, these are presents for my Daughter and I am really pleased! I always find your site reliable and a fantastic place the shop."
Other winners include: Janet B from Bromsgrove, James M from Leeds, Zoe B from Bracknell...

Tuesday 7th October

Hannah T from Reading: "I’m thrilled, thank you, I’m very excited that’s such good news, and what a coincidence as it’s my birthday next week too!"
Pat H from Merseyside: “Fantastic! I've never won anything before .Thank you so much I'm going straight back to your site to spend it all on more Christmas gifts.
Hannah C from West Yorkshire: "Oh great! Thank you very much!"
Other winners include: Julie W from Lancaster, Chawich S from Bognor Regis...

 Wednesday 8th October

Julie W from Lancaster: "Thank you so much, what a lovely surprise to have my order refunded. I never thought I would be one of the lucky one in ten, but it has really made my day.  Now, I can order some more of your lovely things!"
Fiona T from Grimsby: “Oh brilliant, that’s fantastic! You have certainly brightened up my hectic week with the good news, thank you so much
Glenn B from Birmingham: "Oh that’s great! We were going to buy the items from a shop but we ordered online when we saw the promotion in case we did win, this is great."
Other winners include: Gaynor W from Cheshire, Mike G from Fife...

Thursday 9th October

Katie P from Norwich: "Yay! Some lovely freebies for my daughter!"
Mairi B from Argyll: “Wow! Many thanks - my order is for a friend's birthday and I'm delighted! Happy Birthday Campus Gifts and thanks again!"
Linda M from Milton Keynes: "Good grief! Randomly selected for a refund on my order...I am so chuffed. Thank you!"
Other winners include: Wendy G from Lancashire, Alison H from Aylesbury, Joan M from London...

Friday 10th October

Angela F from Scotland: "I love the Campus Gifts website.  It’s great for different things, especially for the kids, and very reasonable.  I was really delighted with my win!"
Laura C from Birmingham: “Thank you so much for email containing the wonderful news that I'm one of the lucky winners of the Great Birthday Giveaway. That's really made my day! I will definitely be returning to Campus Gifts again in the future!
Emma L from Nottingham: "Fantastic! Thank you very much!"
Other winners include: Lyndsey F from Aberdeen, Nicola S from Kent, Lisa P from Newcastle Upon Tyne...


Saturday 11th October

Caroline K from Armagh: "That’s great, I’ve never won anything in my life! Thank you very much indeed!"
Rachel J from Perthshire: “Thank you very much! I've not been feeling well and that's really cheered me up!
Lisa P from Newcastle: "Thank you very much! I'm so happy about my win, what a lovely suprise!"
Sara B: "Totally gobsmacked I won! Thank you, can't wait to receive my order. "

Other winners include: Stephen S from Surrey, Emma L from Nottingham, Nicola S from Kent...


Sunday 12th October

Jaime W from Tamworth: "How exciting :) making Christmas shopping that much more enjoyable :) made my day thank you so much! X"
Janet M from Rutherglen: "what a pleasant surprise to open my emails this morning to discover the cost of my order had been refunded. Thank you. I have been a customer for some time and love your products."
Julie H from Manchester: "oh really? Thank you very much! , good news on a rainy Monday".  
Rose W from Huddersfield: "Thank you so much! I can always find things I like on your site and have always been pleased with my purchases. I was buying some items for Christmas presents so getting them refunded has made Christmas that little bit more affordable. Thanks again!"
Emma M from Norfolk: "Wow! Just opened my e-mails to find I had been refunded the cost of my order in your Great Birthday Give-away. Thank you so much, I never win anything so this has made my day! I have ordered from you several times now and have always had great service. Brilliant products and very speedy delivery, you are one of my favourite shops!  Thanks again."

 Other winners include: Kerri-Anne S from Dorset, Claire M from Essex

 Sunday 12th of October was our final day and all winners have now been notified, so final congratulations to all winners!

We hope you enjoyed this great offer! Stay tuned for fantastic future offers around the site!


Terms and conditions. Terms and conditions apply -

  • The CAMPUSGIFTS Great Birthday Giveaway runs from Friday 3rd October to Sunday 12th October 2014 inclusive.
  • All personal orders going to a UK destination, will be included in the offer.  Overseas, trade, or corporate orders will not be eligible to take part in the Great Birthday Giveaway.
  • Orders will be randomly selected to be refunded in full, including postage charges. 
  • There will be a 1-in-10 (or 10%) chance of any eligible order being selected as a winner during the offer period.
  • The lucky winners will be selected and notified by email within 48 hours of placing their order. We will also try to contact winners by phone.
  • Refunds for winning orders will be actioned prior to winners being contacted. It may take up to 5 working days for refunds to be fully processed.
  • Employees of Campus Gifts and its parent company and their families are not eligible to take part in the Great Birthday Giveaway.
  • Winning orders are covered by our standard Returns policy.  Participation in the Great Birthday Giveaway does not affect your statutory rights
  • Total refunded amount cannot exceed the amount originally charged.
  • The names of winners may be used in promotional materials or marketing e.g. “Edward M. from Newbury”.  We may also request winners to allow their names and other information to be used in full, but this will only be done with written consent.
  • By taking part in the Great Birthday Giveaway you are consenting to these terms and conditions.