Has it really already been a week since our inaugural blog post? Yes? Alright, I believe you. Time in the world of Campus Gifts moves faster than Usain Bolt (okay, not quite as fast), but with Olympic fever and the Summer Sale, things seem to be moving even quicker than usual.
In fact, few things are moving faster than the speed at which our TY Beanie Boos are flying (not literally, sadly) from our warehouse to your homes. The cute and cuddly creatures are eternally popular, and you’ll be unsurprised to discover that we all go as crazy about them as you do.
Pugsley has proved a popular hit and has proudly found himself as the desktop wallpaper on at least one of our computers. New additions Iceburg and Dakota were hovering around our desks much longer than they strictly needed to be when we were adding them to the website, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they were simply too adorable to part with!
Giant Beanie Boos Charly (left) and Alex with our giant Beanie Boos.
Two of our Campus crew were lucky enough (had no choice in the matter) to have their photo taken whilst swamped by some of our giant Beanie Boos. In the name of investigative journalism, I thought it necessary to grill them both – Paxman style – to discover their favourite beanies in the range. So, for the record: Charly (on the left) has a soft spot for Tundra, whereas Alex’s vote goes to Spells. And in case anyone was wondering, my favourite (and by default the best) has got to be Slush. And that’s only partially because his name is a pun. (Slush puppy. Get it?)
But don’t let our opinions sway you (apart from mine); why not have a scroll through the whole range and pick your own favourite? If you come away five minutes later without ordering one then I applaud you, for you are a stronger person than I!