A couple of weeks ago we were blogging about summer holidays. Now they’re over. This is bad.
On the plus side, however, term time is just around the corner, if it hasn’t started already. Thinking about university has got us nostalgic here at the Campus headquarters. All those heady memories of turning up as a wide-eyed fresher on moving-in day, and then waking up several hours later in someone else’s room with a hangover the size of the moon.
We’re mightily envious of anyone heading to their first year at Uni, especially as it would mean we’d be several years younger. The whole first year is likely to fly by, so make sure you enjoy it as much as humanly possible – you can even occasionally turn up for a lecture or two if you fancy it.
In fact, as most of us have been there before, we thought we’d share a few memories and bits of advice that might be helpful – don’t say we’re not good to you.
Fiona is a new recruit here at Campus (she’s a Search Marketing Executive, if you must know) but was at Exeter University a few months ago. When we asked for her top Uni essential she replied, without a hint of hesitation: a hip flask. While we look more closely into whether we’ve hired an alcoholic, it’s not really a bad suggestion. Especially if you’re studying down south, alcohol prices (and soft drink prices while we’re at it) can be a bit on the steep side. Campus bars and Student Unions usually offer good value, but if you stray further afield into clubs, pubs or bars, the prices can rise steeply. A hip flask is a great way to counter this predicament – fill up beforehand with your tipple of choice and then, with subtle grace, top up your glass of lemonade with a bit of kick. Healthy? No. Sensible? Absolutely.
The Bright Side Hip Flasks Hip Flasks for him and her, from The Bright Side.
Tom (from our Web Marketing team) has chosen a less alcoholic and more practical (boring?) item: a tin. But wait. Don’t leave. Not just any tin – oh no – but a manly Man Tin from the Brightside. Whether leftover pizza, Subway tokens or even random bits of stationary, the Man Tin is a great solution to try and help keep your room a little bit tidier. If cleanliness is next to Godliness then most students are remarkably unholy – but it doesn’t hurt to make a token bit of effort. It is a Man Tin after all!
Man Tin from The Bright Side The Man Tin from The Bright Side.