If you’re anything like us, the summer means one thing and one thing only: holiday. Come the end of term, plans are already afoot for far-flung locations and outrageous antics. Sadly, many of these plans fall by the wayside, strewn in the sprawling gutter of abandoned holiday dreams.

For the lucky ones that make it, though, nothing beats a summer holiday. Not even you, Cliff Richard. So we here at Campus thought it only right to send you on your merry way with a short list of some of the necessities that will make your holiday that little bit more special.

1. The nitty-gritty can be funBon Voyage Luggage Tag and Passport Holder 
Some checklists can be enjoyable (number of drinks sampled from the bar) but there are some that provoke boredom and despair. Do you have your passport? Have you labelled your luggage? Make the little things more bearable with additions such as this Paper Plane passport cover and luggage tag, meaning you can remember the important things, but do so in style.
2.  Make the most of your timeWaldo Pancake Travel Diary There’s an urge, when on holiday, to do as much as you can. To take in as many sights as possible because you don’t know when, if ever, you’ll be there again. This is all well and good if you’ve got the stamina for it, but holidays should also be about relaxing andtaking things in. A great way to take some time to think about what you’ve seen and make sure you don’t forget it all is with a travel journal. We’ve got all sorts here at Campus, from the super-detailed to the blank paged, allowing you to relive the good times for years to come.
3. Prepare for all seasonsWaldo Pancake Umbrella 
So you’re going to the Med for a summer jaunt? To Dubai to soak up the sea and sand? To the hottest place on earth where it hasn’t rained in a thousand years? As Crowded House so poignantly sang, Everywhere you go/ you always take the weather with you, and for us Brits that’s not usually a good thing. Make sure you’re prepared for every eventually, whether expecting sun, snow or anything in between. You’d be wise to take this 
Waldo Pancake umbrella with you wherever you’re headed (it can even double up as a sunbrella), and its sense of humour is guaranteed to impress.

4. Don't get too sweatyMini Bottle Fans 
If you are going somewhere where the sun is expected to shine, it’s important to keep cool. Not only for health reasons, but also because no one likes a sweaty Sally – that’s a phrase, right? Fear not, we have your backs covered yet again (also a good idea) with these funky little mini-fans. Cunningly disguised as bottles, they’re a great way to keep the cool air fanning your face, or wherever else you choose to use it. We won’t judge you, honest.
5. Have a bloody great timeThumbs Up 
This is perhaps the most obvious piece of advice, but it’s amazing how many people forget it. We’ve known people who seem to use their holiday as just another excuse to moan, so make sure you’re not one of them. Now go and have a bloody great time!